Use divisions in production orders

I have a production process, where I need to track different batches of the same product, unfortunately, the use of division (cost centers) is not available in manager (I’m using the cloud version), plz do something about it

Division is not the same as a Cost Center.

What do you suggest be done, @Amir? Are you aware that inventory items can be assigned to divisions? If an inventory item is produced for a single division, the inventory item definition is the place to make that happen. If the inventory item is sold by multiple divisions, the sales transaction is the place to record assignment of a sale to a division. In the latter case, since multiple divisions share income from sale of the same item, items in stock awaiting sale belong to the company, not a single division.

Now, if you want to designate specific production lots of an item as belonging to a division, even before they are sold, you need to define multiple inventory items and assign each to its own division.

Regardless of what you want to do, Manager already provides the capability.