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When creating a sales invoice and entering the item and choosing the Division for each item or the cost center each time when adding an item and one Division in the invoice and the number of items is many, is there a short way to add the Division for each item in the same sales invoice once

You do not have to set division on each line item. If you don’t, then line items will automatically belong to division of the customer that is being invoiced.

I need to make this more obvious so it’s easy to see if division is not selected, which division will these line items belong to.

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I already specify the division when creating the customer, but when creating the sales invoice and selecting the item, the division does not appear automatically

Yes, but try to create invoice without selecting any division on line item. You will see on reports, these line items will automatically belong to division set on customer level.

But it does not appear when creating a profit and loss report and choosing a cost center

I own 3 restaurants, and each restaurant has a cost center, so I make a consolidated sales invoice for each restaurant daily, I have many varieties
for example ,
Establish 3 cost centers for each restaurant
Then create 1 Restaurant Sales Agent and choose 1 . Cost Center
Create a restaurant sales customer 2 and choose a cost center 2
Create 3 Restaurant Sales Agent and Choose a Cost Center 3

But when you create a sales invoice, you must enter with each item its own cost center
To know the sales and cost of each restaurant from the profit and loss report

Do you have exactly 3 divisions? Does every customer belong to one of these 3 divisions?


Do you have transactions on which the various divisions have been selected?

Show the Edit screen for one of your “customers.”

All I want when creating a sales invoice, and I have many items, is harmful to enter the cost center for each item. I want to enter the cost center once on the sales invoice, knowing that all the items entered in the same invoice belong to one cost center