Divisions not found in Item

Here I found Division

But, When I want to purchase some item for a specific Division

Have you added the division to the Inventory Item?

No. Thanks for informing.
But, Same Item can be everywhere. So, It is difficult to write same item again and again for different Division.

The inventory on hand will be split into divisions and the income & cost of sales will be split by division too.

In that case, you can not assign a purchase of an inventory to a division not split inventory by division.

But when you make a sale, you can specify a division

All inventory items are considered to be equal

But even with the “old” tracking codes this would not work.

Why I have to add division in Inventory Item?
Same Item will be purchase/sale from different division.
So Division should be in Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoice…

You do not. Divisions for balance sheet and profit and loss accounts all draw from the same list, but you do not have to use them anywhere or for the same purposes.

When an inventory item is assigned to a division, that means that its value will be counted among the assets of that division when creating a divisional balance sheet. But it will also be included in the overall business’ balance sheet.

The same division might be selected to characterize a sale or purchase transaction of an inventory item. In that case, the transaction will be counted in a divisional P&L. It will also be counted in an overall business P&L.

You can assign sale and purchase transactions to a division without assigning the inventory item. You can also do the opposite, that is, assign the inventory item to a division for the sake of the balance sheet, but not assign sales and purchases to that division or any division. In other words, while division selection options are the same for all purposes, their use is optional in all cases.

Is it logical to add Division for Item name? (Division stands for Project or Branch or Employee{Guides says})
for example- Item name “Iphone X”, “Iphone 10”, so on.
When you try to Purchase or Sale, You select “Iphone X”. then how you realize, this product from which division?
same product should use for all divisions.

@Mahfuzur_Rahman do not assign any division to an item if it is not conceptually owned by any division.

Ok, Then, Why can’t I make a purchase an Inventory Item by Division.

I can make sales an Inventory Item by Division.

This is because when you make a sale you are moving the item’s value from the balance sheet to the income statement and so you are given the option to link that transaction to a division for divisional profit and loss reporting. But when you purchase items, the items are capitalised on the balance sheet.

Kindly check these guides again



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Great Reply, Thanks.
We have capital account for Different Division.
We want to purchase Item for specific Division.
How to do that?

If the item will be used by only this division then associate a division to the item (like @Joe91 recommended in the second post).

No. Item is associated with all divisions (Branch). and I need purchase Item for specific division each transaction.

Maybe it would help if you explain in much more detail what actually you are trying to do so we can think with you how to get this done best given any limitations that may exist.

Then do not select any division for the item.

I think you need to improve your understanding of “Divisions” in Manager. It is clear you do not understand.