FX rate changes possible after entering Lock date

We are using the cloud version and I have just realised that the lock date does not stop us from making changes to any transaction or other setting like exchange rates before the lock date. Is there an issue? Or does the lock date only applies to certain types of transactions?

The lock date should not allow any changes to transactional amounts and exchange rate entries. I can reproduce this too.

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@Abeiku you are right if it deals with actual financial transactions, but @Lubos also made clear that one can change all that are not (basically payments and receipts). The post puts exchange rates as example but these can be changed as they are not direct part of the financial transaction they are at best a valuation of it.

I take a different viewpoint, @eko. While you are right in one way that exchange rates are not directly part of the financial transactions, they have a very signifiant impact. In particular, when a transaction is posted to a receivable or payable in a foreign currency from a cash or bank account in the same currency, Accounts receivable and Accounts payable balances depend on the exchange rates. If those exchange rates are later changed, all reports that depend on them change.

It does not seem like good practice to me to allow financial statements from locked periods to be altered. In fact, @lubos’ exact words on this topic were:

I still disagree. It does not have material impact on your financial statements as the basis is the orginal transaction. The exchange gains and losses are there to balance this.

For us Forex rates are really important and due, probably, to some wrong postings happened because of the lock date issue, now we have our P&L and Balance sheet from last year that are not as they are in our Books of Accounts, which creates problems for our current audit. This plus the fact that you cannot search effectively in History, makes things pretty hard to fix.

I have asked @lubos for a possible backup from last year, let’s see if this is possible to have and if it can help.

@eko it is a bug. Take a look at this topic Extend Lock Date Control To Exchange rate Settings

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Fixed in the latest version (22.1.88)

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