Urgent licensing issue

Our Server edition of Manager.io has stopped working. It gives a message saying “Reminder–this is an evaluation version only. Please buy server edition to continue using the software without this notice.” All businesses are gone from the logon screen. Yet, we purchased the Server edition one year ago. We have not upgraded the software for many months.

This would mean your server edition is opening application data folder where there is no data files in it.

So have a look in your application data folder if it has your files first.

Can you please remind me where the application folder is located. I am helping the user remotely (from Perth). He is in Pakistan.

It depends on the operating system.

When logged in to the server, you can change URL to /path which will reveal application data folder the server instance is currently using.

But not sure what is it good for. By the sound of it, the server administrator doesn’t know the folder which Manager Server is using to store its data? How was the backup done?

Here’s a picture of the only manager data files we can find.

Alright. This must be your application data folder. What about “/path” URL I have suggested to check? What path does it return?

He hasn’t tried the /path URL yet. You are saying that we should enter “ /path”, right?

The weird thing is that its working now. Can’t explain why. The only thing different we did was logout of a user account on the server, and login as administrator.

your app data, manager data are on administrator folder, user account check his own appdata folder and there is nothing there it hapens to me once when i changed user accounts
inf i remember well if you copy appdata/local/manager to user/appdata/local/manager it will work but if you make changes and log as administrator you will not see the changes,
however lubos is the expert on this i am not 100 percent sure

ManagerServer.exe will accept -path parameter so you can set location of your application data folder wherever (I’d always recommend to do this).

If you don’t supply -path parameter (which is what you are doing), then Manager will use default path and the default path will be different for each user.