Uploading Manager io Installed files to website folder

My dear friends,

I got a request from one of my clients who would like to upload the free version of Manager io into his website folder and run it from there so in lockdown cases he can keep work upto date.

I tried to convince him to go for Manager io cloud solution but he has some trust issues about his accounts, and I told him that in his request risk is higher than manager io cloud solution but still has his personal concerns (He is a bit old and like to follow the old school standards by having all his things under his control )
So did anyone tried this before? and how to run it ?

I think Its simple. Just Purchase VPS by your end. and then run Manager in that…
but again you need good VPS and you need to pay their charges to the VPS provider.

so then you can use remotely… but you do not have multiuser facility or any other cloud facility on that.
you can just work remotely, in a desktop version.
so better to use cloud version.


When going the VPS route it is better to install the server edition as this will allow multi-user, etc. However, as has been said often in the forum if you do not know how to maintain such server, and I think that the client referred to as “old-school” would be better of using either the cloud server or keep using the desktop version. The client could simply have the data in some cloud server like dropbox and link to that. Then wherever he uses a computer install manager on that computer and access the files on the server.


With all the problems of remembering to upload the amended version back to Dropbox or where ever when the connection is restored.

Good luck with that - sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!

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I am not advising to use backups. I am advising to set the link to the datafiles in Manager desktop to a remote data server.


I think the original question was about continuing to use Manager when the internet connection was down - but perhaps I misunderstood the request

Reference was to “lockdown.” I, therefore, assumed that it is Covid related not with internet access.

@eko … Every customer has his own reasons to say … I serve without judging

This guide explains how to move a business data file to a new location Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager

This might be of use too Open a data file directly | Manager

Make sure you have noted the “Cautions” and be ready to assist him when he gets it wrong and ends up with two different versions with incomplete transactions

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@Yaser I was just referring to your post where you mentioned lockdown.

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Thank you dear brother @eko

Thank you @Joe91 , I will check it