Upload purchase invoice through email

To everyone, has anyone managed to find a way to upload a document (Purchase Invoice) via email?


Manager only supports SMTP (i.e. outgoing email) and not incoming email protocols such as POP (POP3 most recent), so it is not possible to retrieve emails with attachments into Manager.

I was hoping someone has found a way to do it perhaps through API. I hope this get’s into ideas, that Manager.io be able to receive and upload documents into purchase invoices through email.

I believe that will never happen. You are suggesting that someone else’s sales invoice, in their own format, attached to or included in an email, could somehow be parsed into a Manager purchase invoice. How do you propose that could happen?

It is not clear what you are actually imagining would happen if implemented.

  • I suspect you are looking for b2b electronic document interchange, see Search results for 'b2b' - Manager Forum

  • If you just want to copy invoices attached to emails to Invoices you have already created in Manager, then you manually finding the matching email / Manager transaction and dragging them between application is likely to be the fastest and most reliable method.

There are many software now that can parse a document. However, what i meant here was just the act of uploading/attaching the document into purchase invoice module through email. This means that each account/company gets a specific or assigned email address and whenever someone sends email with attachment to this address, manager will make one empty entry. Just that. At least to start.

If a program modification is made it needs to be applicable to a broad customer base not just OK for one user.

How to match an email to a specific Manager invoice varies a lot between invoices and business.

Your proposed method is not a general solution.

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