Automatization and scanning invoices of external parties

Do you now of it’s possible with to implement automatisation concerning invoices that we receive from external parties?

I will give an example to clarify my question, when we receive an invoice in our mailbox for example hosting fee or purchase hardware is it possible to let it pick up by by for example e-mailing to a mailbox (special for invoice) and a scan software will read the e-mail and upload the data in Same for purchase orders (special mailbox for purchase orders so that the scan software can upload this in the correct category).

Is this technically possible and do you have this feature? Or may be you are already secretly developing this possibility? :wink:

This is not currently possible. Nor is it on the Roadmap.

Ok, thx for the feedback.

What do you think of that idea? In case it’s possible with how much develop work on your end it would take?

Neither @Tut nor myself are developers of the program. We are just end users like yourself.

I am not convinced that email invoice scan functionality would be viable for a number of reasons, the big one being the inability to scan to individual records, but there are also many other reasons why its likely to create more problems than it solves.

However, in the roadmap there is functionality coming that will enable users to scan attachments to individual records. I suspect that the procedure will be to use scanner to scan onto computer and then import into Manager. Obviously you would need a scanner and scanning software but standalone scanners are so cheap and even network scanners can be had for a low price I don’t see this as a problem.


Ok, thx for the info!! Well your alternative solutions sounds great as well :slight_smile:

The idea is good. But technically it’s impossible to implement.

Scanned invoices from suppliers vary so much, there isn’t a system which could automatically make sense out of them.

There needs to be standard which would put relevant meta-data in some QR code when invoice is generated and which other accounting systems could read.

It will definitely happen in future but who knows when.