Upgrading Manager

what version of Manager do I first need to upgrade to in order to upgrade from older Version 16.3.51

See this topic: Business database not valid, desktop version on Windows 10

Thank you Tut… I look through that, but I forgot to mention that I’m on a Mac

All operating systems run the same software. The point is that you need to update in two steps.

OK Thank you.
i tried that but it is still not recognizing the files, so i thought that it may require another version. i will try again tho.
much appreciated. i will let you know how it goes.

Now that I have a little more time, @OilPaintCo, let me amplify on what I wrote earlier. While all operating systems “run the same software,” the installation packages are different. And different things are bundled with the main program, depending on your operating system. So you need to be sure you are installing the version for macOS.

If you have correctly installed v20.9.89, you will be able to open the program. The Businesses page will show you any businesses for which data files are installed. Or, you can import business files. Version20.9.89 will convert your old database(s) to the SQLite structure. Once that is done, you can download and install the current version for the Mac, which will open any old file in SQLite format.

Make sure that you also meet the requirements, i.e. Manager v22.9.1.350 requires Mac OS X 10.14 or newer (see Download | Manager)

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That finally worked thank you…