Upgrade Issue


I am new to Manager. May I know do I need to upgrade this software everytime? I can use it yesterday. It cannot be used today.

If you are using the Desktop edition, then download and install the latest version from Download | Manager

  • When you access you data file by a later version it is automatically updated to ensure compatibility with the later version.

  • The reverse is not the case, trying to open a data file which has been used by a later version of Manager will give that error.

  • However if your data file is not accessed by later versions of Manager, you do not need to update your program every day to continue using it (unless other changes you make to your computer makes your computer no longer compatible with your old Manager version or you want to use feature available in later versions of Manager).

Can I stop the automatically update?

Only by you not opening your data file in a later version of manger eg the cloud, another server or another pc.

If you just use it on a single Desktop pc then no update occurs

Make sure you only get your program from the official link posted by @Joe91 above.

Thank you Joe

Okay, thanks.