Off-line Manager opening problem

When I try to open the app Attached message is popping up. Need help urgently.

looks like you are using a Manager version almost 10 months old.
what OS?
also, make sure you download Manager only from the official webiste

OS is windows 10 and yes using more than 10 months’ old version. downloaded Manager from the official webiste

when does the error message appear? immediately on trying to open Manager program or when performing any specific action? was the program previously working?
try updating to the latest version of Manager and check if the problem persists.

immediately on trying to open Manager program .yes, the program previously working.
how to updating to the latest version of Manager?

read the guide Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager

My data so far input will remain intact after updating version, right?

yes, as long as you do not uninstall the old version and delete application data files manually.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. Let me try the update.

The data file maybe updated preventing you from going back. Having multiple backup files is always advisable

i believe the data file is updated only after the business is opened in Manager. until then it is only listed in Manager.

Can you try uninstalling the program completely and installing again? To me it looks like e_sqlite3.dll file missing in installation folder for some reason.