Updates update

Hi, Is there somewhere we can see a list of new updates as / when they are applied to the cloud edition? A heads up and brief description would be good if possible.

you can check the releases page Releases | Manager

Not every update is described under Releases. Most are bug fixes or transparent improvements the user does not notice.

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Thanks for that, Exactly what I was looking for!

Very stupid and useless updates making cash and bank transactions separately, tons of unneeded buttons. Confusing. Previous versions were more compact and work-friendly. Get rid of that crap.

you can always disable the tabs you do not use.

the update is the way forward and gives more clarity to the transactions made by the business.

Updates made according to what research of user’s opinion? Or was it just based on few developer’s idea to make more buttons?
Everything was fine before, no need to make extra buttons since you can easily find your transactions. Now it is getting more and more “crowded” with repeating buttons. Just like Windows 10.

read the below release notes.

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OK. Thank you. Will try to get used to it.

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