Updates to the latest version

How can a user on a previous version of Manager Update to a more current version?
I can’t seem to find the bank column button on the version i am using and as such cannot import my bank statement.
Kindly help me out.

@adaborah_GH, Maybe you should read this first

To update, simply download and install the edition for your operating system exactly as you did the first time. You may be given options to save or replace the previous version. The new version will be backwards compatible and will call the same data file. For safety’s sake, backup your data before updating.

I am trying to update to a newer version but I only get the save option and not replace option.

Save option for Windows OS and replace option on Mac OS

After saving, click Run to update - don’t double click on .exe file otherwise you may duplicate your Manager application.

What operating system?

windows 10