I don't have the option to create a bank account

It’s only showing ‘cash account’ with no option for bank account. I am a freelancer working with different companies but all of the money will go into a bank account so I would like this option.

Please correct me if I am going about this incorrectly.

you should enable bank accounts first. read this guide Set up a bank or cash account | Manager

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Hello, thanks for your reply @sharpdrivetek. I have looked under the customize section over and over. There is no option to tick for bank accounts.

what version of Manager are you using?

I am using Manager 17.7.40

Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts were separated in version 17.8.3.
you are few updates behind. try updating to the latest version.

How do I go about upgrading? I only downloaded this version of io today.
I’ll double check by deleting and reinstalling from the site just in case I unzipped an older version from a few weeks back.

I’ll post again if any issues! Thanks.

do not download from any third-party websites. only the Manager site provides you the latest version. you can download the latest version from here. you need not uninstall the old version for upgrading. just install the latest version on top of the old one.
here is the download page Download | Manager

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Perfect, problem solved! @sharpdrivetek
Thankyou for your help

happy to help.