Program Updates

Hi im new to the forum but have been using the program for about 3 years, are there any updates or notifications on these. im looking for a bit more out of the program now and am curious as to what might be out there, even a payed subscription maybe ?

There have been hundreds of updates over that period, the most important of these are announced under the “releases” category - see below. The Desktop edition is updated by the user by selecting it at the top of the forum page and remains free - see below. The Cloud edition is a subscription service, once you are subscribed to it, you are always on the latest version.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT - don’t do any update yet
What version are you currently - under About Manager

Due to the substantial changes in the programme’s database your business file may need to be separately converted before you can update the programme itself - this can be done for you…

Thanks for the reply, i,m using manager 15.0.10

@lubos, can @phpjames update directly from 15.0.10 or do they need a file conversion done first ?

The latest version of Manager should be able to migrate from any version since 13.1 or so. There shouldn’t be any issue upgrading from 15.0

Ok so do I use the free download button ? as I don’t see anywhere for updates?


Thanks for the help, it has downloaded fine and will see how it operates :slight_smile: