Updated about link Payment and Recipt feature

Manager added this new feature but we has thousands transaction before. In receipts and payments tab we hard to find the transaction from customer or to suppliers because that update made lost the data that we inputed to the “Contact” form. Now we hard to find what we inputed. Please help me for this update.
Now what we inputed is useless because we can’t find it anymore.

Please refresh and check again, it should be solved.

The contact field have disappeared and replaced by Payer/Payee.

Thats my problem because all contact has been inputed but now it’s disappear and we lost the data. @lubos how to fix it?

@ejjaadiargo go to https://cloud.manager.io and click Restart Cloud Server button. Then have a look again how receipts & payments form has been implemented now.

What is the impact? does it change all feature back to the first? @lubos