REST API is broken


We’ve developed and are constantly using manager API for the bank statements import process.

With the last update, our payments and receipts are still created via REST POST to the API endpoint, but are not visible in the Manager, probably due to changes to the payments and receipts structure.

I see currently you’re using “Contact” field instead “Payee” or “Payer”. That’s ok for me, but when I do POST to the REST API endpoint “Contact” field isn’t saving, thus isn’t visible. We also spotted a new “AmountsIncludeTax” field. I’d appreciate if we could somewhere look into API docs and its changes.

@lubos can you fix this REST API “Contact” field issue, please?

There is going to be number of breaking changing in relation to REST API. Fields will be renamed in order to expose them in user-friendly way in new custom reports feature.

Once this process is done, there is going to be documentation for new API which has greater scope.

As for why Contact field is not saving. It should be. REST API code is very simple. If other text fields are saving, then Contact field should be saving too.

Thanks for the reply.

Indeed, my previous code was executed without warnings, but transactions didn’t appear in Bank Transactions. It turned out that transactions were silently created in DeprecatedBankReceipts category and were not visible.