Update server edition

Good night,

I am a server edition customer.

When I update, it becomes inaccessible and the message 502 bad gateway appears

can anyone help me?

I use ubuntu linux
Thank you for the help

First check if manager-server service is running…

systemctl status manager-server

It could be issue with upgrade…

That’s right, after I checked the manager wasn’t running

how can the manager run?

Just checked again your setup…you have not followed the tutorial…your version is still running on mono…Please restart update:


well i just tried to install on my new vps,

but when I run it it doesn’t show anything

can you help me?

Great to see that - manager is running now…can you confirm firewall is opened to port 8080?

  1. within your Intranet you should be able to access Manager server via the servers local IP address and port 8080

  2. Outside of your intranet you should be able to access your server via your external IP address and port depending on what port forwarding you have set up

To start with how did you go with step 1

Just to clarify - vps hosting with public IP address is considered under #2 as per advise from @Patch - outside the network…I assumed this is a firewall issue…

All the best

Thank you, this is very helpful

it turns out that there is a problem with the firewall

After all,

I’m having trouble with the caddy,

I followed these instructions

but it didn’t work, can you help me?

PLease refer to this post… Upgrading Server Edition from Old Mono version