502 bad gatway

dear manager.io

i am getting error every day in my server edition which is 502 Bad Gateway

sudo systemctl restart manager-server

i have to restart the server to get it up all the time.

Sounds to me like the Server process is crashing or something. Check your system log folder to see if there is anything in the log files that give you indication as to what the problem is.

Old post I know but did anyone get an outcome on this 502 bad gateway issue? Someone from some other operation called up about this?
A restart / reboot of system of services brings manager back on line.
The funny thing it seems as if one particular entity on the server host is causing the issue.

OK just for those who may be wondering some people build their Manager Server with the bear minimum spec offered by whoever they choose to subscribe to.

We did some testing on Linux Hosts and depending on the server’s number of incoming connections the number of entities and their database sizes etc the server will fail consistently. Do not assign less than 4Gb RAM to the Manager Host.

Using the above small change solved the 502 Bad Gateway error reported when connecting and operating in Manager.
In layman’s terms the server cannot keep up with the user activity and incoming requests so it fails. The server does automatically recover after a period of no use which not ideal.

Indeed old post. I would advise anyone managing a linux server to consider installing Glances because it can show you if your server resources are good enough when running apps such as Manager.

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