Upcoming features

Some of my friends started using Manager. Many of them like the user interface and easy to understand options.

When can we expect:

  • Multi-currency
  • Easy payrolls (loans to employees, advance payments, daily wages and deduction of small amount from monthly salary)
  • Batch payments (paying or receiving payments for multiple invoices of a customer at a time, excess payment should go to customers advance payments or suppliers advance payments)
  • Multi-currency has been already added (it’s not enabled by default), see http://www.manager.io/documentation/multi-currency
  • Loans to employees or advance payments can be already done. The rest will eventually come. I’m going to refresh documentation to include how-to for all those concepts.
  • You can receive payments for multiple invoices but those transactions have to be created manually. See Guides | Manager which shows how to record payment against 2 invoices and overpayment within single transaction (payment).

I mean the issue with the over/under payments. which we have to manually transfer to currency gain/loss

Please explain me how to do loans to employees and advance salary payment

Can you please make receiving payments easy, so it will reduce confusion and manual work