Em well... hello! (and euro currency question)

Is this the first topic ever, or do I miss something here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, first of all thanks, and I mean THANKS A LOT! for this program, I prepare to start my own printshop and expenses just sum up like… I don’t know, like a lot…

By the way I want to ask something, is there any way to add euro currency in the invoice? I tried using it at the end of the money amount but unlike the dollar symbol $, the € just turn the sum to 0. Either way I could love to have it fixed anyway, because that’s the only currency I will use.

Thanks and keep up the good work :smile:

Yep, you are the first. I can easily add it as a plugin. Expect it within 24 hours.


Could it be possible to choose different kinds of currency to different invoices?
We have clients several places in the world.

No, don’t do this. Manager doesn’t support multi-currency accounting yet.
Please vote here http://manager.uservoice.com/forums/202564-plugin-ideas/suggestions/4591897-plugin-multi-currency

HI Lubos…

We really need the € sign on the invoices… :wink:
Where can I find it? -

Thanks for a GREAT program.

I’m actually working on this right now. Should be available within an hour.

OK, new version is being uploaded now. Once you upgrade, go to “Settings”, then “Sales Invoice Template” and fill out Currency Symbol prefix or suffix field. Save invoice template and go and view one of your invoices. You should see your currency symbols next to amounts. Let me know if this satisfies your requirements.

Using a pound sign £ looks fine in Manager, but in the emailed PDF there is an encoding problem. It appears like this:

£ 120.00

I also tried using &pound… and that was just the same. I hope there is a quick fix.

Thanks, this will be fixed in the next version.

Nice one. Just confirming this is now fixed. Thanks for the speedy turnaround.

Hi is it possible to have a multiple currency in the system? When I am preparing Sales Invoices, I am using $ but is it possible for this to be converted automatically in Peso? wherein for every $1= Php 43. And this should be reflected in the Accounts Receivable report.

Multi-currency should be implemented by end of April.

Hey guys how we looking on multiple currency… i’m trying to invoice in GBP, USD and euros and getting a bit messed up 8-/
Awesome program Lubos!

I didn’t make it in April but it’s something I’m already looking into. Right now, I don’t recommend using Manager if you have multi-currency needs.

Hi - We have now upgraded to the server edition… multi-currency is now a really high priority for us.

We have a work-around, using 3 businesses, but it will be great to operate as a single business with multi-currency.

F.Y.I. Upgrading to the server edition using Digital Ocean is very straight forward. Once the DigitalOcean droplet was set up it took less than half an hour to install Manager, add users and import businesses. Great stuff… thank you.

Can we expect to see multi-currency sometime in May? Or is it still too far off?
I just upgraded to the cloud edition, and multi-currency is really the only major thing the software is lacking for me.

I have already started working on it so should be available in a few days.

Any update on multi currency?

Thanks for the great software.

Multi-currency has been quietly added today. Right now, I’m mostly making sure nothing is broken for existing users since this was very significant underlying change in Manager. Check tomorrow for more information on how to enable and use it.

Thanks a lot. Can’t wait to try it out.