Diferrent Currencies

How to manage diferent currencies on the whole Manager program?

If you require multi-currency accounting, I don’t recommend using Manager at this point. Multi-currency will be implemented but there are other modules that will be released before that such as Inventory, Payroll etc.

Is this still on the backburner, or it something we may see in the near future?

I’m in Canada, but all my parts are purchased in USD. So I’ve been manually converting every item individually on my purchase invoices. (Due to rounding, the invoice total usually ends up being a few cents off). This software is perfect for my uses except for this one point.

I’d love to be able to put the prices into the invoice in USD, and have the software deal with the conversion afterwards.

There are still some modules to be released before multi-currency although we are getting close. It looks like two more months before multi-currency is added.

Any update on this? A quick temporary solution could possibly be just adding the currency so it’s displayed somewhere, currency conversion is a fairly complex feature to build.

You can enable Currency Prefix Suffix module under Settings tab. This will allow you to set currency for invoices, quotes, orders etc. so 1,200 can be shown as $1,200 USD. This is purely cosmetic feature though, not a multi-currency ability.

Multi-currency is now the most requested feature and I’m getting close. It could be added next month.

Perfect, the workaround was what I needed, thank you.

Great news!