Statement unpaid but shows paid in full


Statement unpaid but shows paid in full

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Sorry Tut, cannot find the topic - under what heading?


Read the Guide about automatic allocation to sales invoices.


I still cannot solve the problem. The attach statement shows receipt of 384.92 on 24/3/19, but no such amount was paid by customer. How can I undo/reverse?


You cannot tell much by looking at a customer statement. You need to drill down on the customer’s balance in Accounts receivable, and check receipts for 24/03/19. Most likely, you received money from this customer without posting it to a specific invoice, so Manager allocated it to the unpaid invoice with the oldest due date. If the particular receipt was for more than the balance due on that invoice, it posted to the next oldest invoice due date, and so on until it was used up. If, at some point, it ran out of invoices, it would carry a credit balance for that customer. But it looks like that is not the case.