United States Localization

Hello @lubos , in browsing this forum I think you are the right person to direct these questions to:

  1. Have you any knowledge of either a localization file for business in the US (I’m in California), and/or documentation on how to create a localization?
    (or do i just manually create the business and then THAT is my localization?)

  2. is there a system in place that accommodates dynamic tax rate changes (year to year change of county sales tax, etc.)

There are no localizations for the USA. Because of the thousands of different possible tax scenarios, you must create your own custom tax codes. See Create and use tax codes | Manager and Work with multi-component custom tax codes | Manager.

Likewise, there are no US report transformations, for the same reason.

There is no dynamic update method for tax rate changes. This subject in covered in the Guides above.