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Can Anyone Help me to Contribute for USA Localization

I am skeptical you will have any success. There are no national standards in the USA for accounting reports or tax filings, and tens of thousands of combinations of jurisdictions for multi-component sales tax rates. Why are you trying to do this from India?


I was wondering if it would be feasible to write localisations to support jurisdictions with many tax collection authorities utilising the new tax reporting group and Multi-rate tax code structure.

The only way I can see of enabling these jurisdiction to use Manager into the future, is to have Manager users enter the Multi-rate tax groups and the county tax rate / tax code (and possibly also a county specific report transformation). All of the state and federal taxation reporting requirements would need to be included in NG Software distributed (community generated) localisation.

So the question then becomes

  • How much can be done to implement the Federal and state taxes with the new structure. Can a report transformation be written which generates the submissions to the state and federal tax authorities without actually having the multi-rate tax codes (perhaps using reporting groups).

  • Is writing multi-rate tax codes intuitive / simple enough that it is reasonable to assume most Manager user will feel confident to readily produce their own correct multi-rate tax codes which work with the NG Software distributed localisations.

I haven’t experimented enough with the new structure to know what is and is not possible.

@Patch, there are several key points to understand with respect to USA taxes:

  • There is no federal tax regime that applies to transaction line items.
  • All tax structures begin at the state level, but can extend through counties, cities, fire protection districts, transit districts, school districts, flood control districts, etc.
  • All transaction line-item taxes are straight consumption taxes, with no offsets as with value-added tax schemes.
  • Many tax authorities collect remittances for other authorities.
  • Tax filing and remittance schedules vary widely.
  • Many tax authorities require online filing.

The fact is, there is little hope that a localization will be possible or even useful, even at a local level, and certainly not at a state level, let alone the non-existent national level. Surprisingly, Manager actually handles the situation quite well, as long as you aren’t picky about using the built-in reports at a component level of a tax code. The challenge is a recent court decision that requires collection of sales taxes on internet sales, which thrusts businesses into somehow researching and levying the right code for the tens of thousands of jurisdictional combinations based on where a product is delivered.

So a separate localisation for each state could be used to address each states tax and reporting requirements. Electronic reporting for such could be added in the future if required.

Is the the state tax department typically doing the collecting. If so enabling the reporting to be added to that localisation would be efficient.

A localisation with a predefined structure addressing part of a business taxation requirements may facilitate extension by the user to cover local variations

Fair enough.

  • no B2B electronic communication is used
  • Manager users have the skill to all set up from a blank sheet, a taxation system in Manager which meets jurisdiction reporting requirements.

A manual process for each user is a reasonable solution.

Do other accounting systems in USA all require each user to set up the taxation system themselves from scratch?

I would echo @Tut in that there is little hope this will be possible. Localizing by state may seem like an effective way to divide the U.S. into easier to manage sub-localizations, but consider; the state I live in has 1,786 different taxing jurisdictions, with varying rates that may change independently of each other. By the time a localization with all the needed tax codes was ready, dozens to hundreds of them could already be out of date. Even some of our states that have no state-level sales tax may still have county- and city-level sales taxes.

In general, yes, though in practice businesses will typically outsource sales tax compliance; there are service organizations that exist specifically for such purpose.

While I can appreciate the enthusiasm for trying to take on a U.S. localization, unless the users who wish to contribute have a thorough knowledge of our hodgepodge sales & use tax systems, I feel it best to put aside for consideration at a later date.

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Which is why in my opinion the only way to help Manager users in USA is to

  • provide community supplied localisation only for jurisdictions spanning a sufficiently large population. These could evolve in time to support automated electronic reporting should the USA follow the rest of the world.

  • Individual Manager user then add local tax codes to address their smaller local taxing jurisdictions.

But, hey if the general consensus is supporting the USA is a waste of effort, that works well for me. No need to distract programming effort for USA specific requirement.

After reading the Above Topic.
I have Concluded That Localizations for USA is not possible For Now But it may be possible in Unseen Future as there Is No National Standerd Available of Tax Rates And Staturatory Reports
Rates And reporting Requirments Are Vary In Every State.
That Is Not possible in Manager Now.

Modular tax codes are required which Manager currently does not support.
By which I mean a tax code which describes how one tax authority levies their tax. A report transformation and account can then be written for that tax authority.

Modular tax codes are then combined (by the user or country depending on local requirements).

For USA a mapping from address (possibly with custom fields) to tax jurisdiction could be added later.

yes these are needed But currently we don’t Have.

Maybe Added later