Unit Price on sales invoice

When I create an a sales invoice, the unit price column is blank even after I have enter the qty… I have created a inventory for that item under Inventory Items. Is there a way to have the unit price column show the cost for that item as it is displayed on the screen before its created?

Something is amiss. The Unit price column should indeed show the unit price, and for me it always has.

Can you please post some screenshots reproducing the issue? Please show the relevant inventory screen, the invoice data-entry screen, and the resulting printed invoice. Take care to obscure any sensitive information, including payment details, before posting.

(Please confirm that you want the sales invoice to show the unit price, and not the unit cost. An invoice will never show the cost of goods sold, just the price charged to the customer. There’s a big difference in accounting between price and cost, so please confirm that what you actually want to see is the unit price.)