Unit of measurement on receipts and payments

unit of measurement doesnt show on receipts and payments when making sales or purchases.
v. 20.9.71

This is a recent problem. I have put this into the bugs category.

Fixed in the latest version (20.10.69)

have just installed v.20.10.69, another concern is, when the quantity is 0 or blank, the unit of measure still show. i gave discount on my sales, and i leave the quantity blank, but on the print out, the unit of measure still showing.

@roger3820, there are two issues involved in your post #4:

  • The behavior is now inconsistent with the rest of the program, where a zero quantity leaves the entire Qty field blank and does not fill in the unit of measure. For that reason, I’m moving this topic back into the bugs category. @lubos, please note.

  • You are applying your discount incorrectly. A sales discount is not an inventory item. You added a line item, selecting the item with code RGK1001. Then, you filled in a description, “Sales discount.” By making the quantity zero, with a negative number, you subtracted 120.00 from the total cost in Inventory on hand of that item, lowering the average cost without moving units. This will distort the balance of your Inventory on hand and Inventory - cost accounts. If you want to show a sales discount as a separate line item, you should post it directly to a contra income or expense account, not select an inventory item.

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Is not that exactly what a discount is. That inventory was soldat a lower price than the amounts shown in the top part of the invoice suggests.

The discount is an integral part of the other line items, or to put it another way, the discount is not available without also buying the other line items at the shown price.

I suppose it comes down to why was the discount given and what do you want showing in your accounts.

Thinking about it, with a multi line receipt & discount; it is probably cleaner to use a sales invoice which has built in support for discounts and their distribution.

I missed that. Fixed in the latest version (20.10.70)

No. A discount lowers the selling price on the inventory items that are moved out of inventory. It does not change the average cost of those items as they (or items sold later) are transferred to the cost of goods sold. A receipt with no quantity but negative amount is like a freight-in charge in reverse. It just reduces the total value in Inventory on hand, thereby lowering the average cost.

The way it was entered, it was attributed as a cost reduction on the purchase (not a price reduction on the sale) of one of the items. This will affect every sale of that item until stock is exhausted.

That could be true if the discount was allocated to a Discount expense account. But when done incorrectly, as was shown, it is not a discount on the sale price but effectively a reduction on the purchase costs of the inventory item it was posted to.

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i tried, but i only see reduction on sales, not cost, my purpose is to just allocate the discount on a particular product line with different variances, just like when u allocate freight in, i check it on profit and loss summary, cost doenst reduce, only the sales.

The effect shows up in remaining inventory, so the cost of goods on subsequent sales is wrong.

So a negative line item in a receipt to a customer is treated as a positive purchase to stock not a negative sale from stock.

If so that is inconsistent with how sales / purchases are defined for other receipt line items with a customer defined.

No, @Patch, because of the absence of a quantity, it lowers the balance of the Inventory on hand account and therefore the average cost. The transaction is neither a sale nor purchase of inventory, because there is no quantity movement. It is an adjustment to an asset account monetary balance.