Unit of Measurement for Inventory Item


A very good product for small business!! The best part , it’s constantly evolving with user inputs.

Thanks for adding the Inventory component to the software.

I have a concern regarding the Unit of Measurement for Inventory item.

In reference to my nature of business, goods in my inventory are measured in pcs(pieces) but when i raise an invoice my unit of measurement for sale invoice is case/box, there is a relationship between the two. 1case/box = 50pcs. When 1 case is invoiced that should deduct 50pcs from my inventory.

If, there can be two units of measurement e.g. Standard Unit and Sales Unit and a user definable relation between them then it will solve the requirement.

So, as the inventory component is already available, making these units of measurement available would definitely increase the applicability of the software.

If there is any other way to solve my problem kindly let me know, if not, then is it possible to make this change?


Not sure I want to go this far (at least not yet). First of all, I think you should maintain your inventory items in units in which you usually sell. That way your customers won’t be confused. If your sales unit is case, they will see case on invoices rather than 50pcs. When supplier invoices you for 250pcs you just enter purchase invoice as purchase of 5 cases.

Soon, there will be support for Bill of materials which means you can take raw product(s) and assemble final product for sale. In this case, you would say, 50pcs = 1 case and you could convert pieces to cases. I think it’s a bit overkill for what you are trying to do. Bill of materials is for more complex scenarios where it takes various items to assemble one output item.


I want to ask where i can write inventory item unit like (Kg,M²,Lm… etc).
and if it possible to be appeared in sales quote, inventory list, sales invoice …etc.


You can create a custom field on inventory item which can be shown as a column on Inventory Items tab.


The only issue is that custom field won’t show on quotes or invoices but that’s coming very soon (unless you use custom HTML template and inject custom field yourself then you have it now)

For now, the easiest way is to simply include unit of measurement in description of inventory item.

As for automatically converting inventory items between different units, there is a Inventory Kit module which can be used for this purpose.