Multiple units of measure for one item

I Have two of my clients witched to the cloud version of manager but I am having difficulty convincing many others because currently all items have to be entered in the lowest units of measure. Many of my prospective clients find it inconvenient in entering all items at their wholesale at the lowest unit where quantities are bought and stored in Boxes and sold at the retail in smaller units.Are we expecting the Multiple units of measure feature anytime soon?

This is already supported. Inventory items should be created in unit measure they are purchased. So if you are purchasing in boxes, then unit of measure of inventory items should be in boxes.

If selling in smaller units, you would create an “Inventory kit”… inventory kit is basically an alias for one or more inventory items. In this case, if a box contains 100 bottles, then inventory kit could represent 1 bottle and it could be an alias for 0.01 qty of the box.

When selling a bottle (inventory kit), customer will see their invoice/receipt in bottles. Each bottle will decrease inventory on hand which is tracked by boxes by 0.01 qty.

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We also had this requirements from one of our client. In this case they sell the boxes as well as bottles. How to track this?

By entering whole box quantities or fractional quantities as necessary.

As per Lubos solution it works fine 100 per box and if you sell 1, then qty shows fine 9.99 (9 boxes and 99 bottles available. The client wants to see 9 boxes in one column and 99 bottles in another column…

If you want to display two it as two different Items, Or Want to display in two column then, you can create Two Inventory in inventory tab. 1. Box 2. Bottles
After that if you want to sell 99 or any quantity in Bottles then, You can generate one “Production Order” in that production order, You place “Bottles” as a finished goods, and Box as a row material. As you say you can put 100 Bottles make from 1 Box. So put that data into “Production Order”.
Now In Inventory you can see available Qty of bottles and Box.
And in invoice you can put Box and bottles as a different Items so its appear in two different column.
I hope It solve your problem.

That is where the glitch is it has to be under one item two columns one for box and one for bottle. You know some clients, they see these fancy software or they do it manually and want it exactly like this, What Lubos shows is fine and easily understandable.

In addition to there are clients, want to adopted there present business practice into system, and very much resistance to change. As consultant first thing we must do is to make them adopt to the system. These systems are done to improve business efficiency and reduce cost. Simply saying you learn to drive the car and adopt to it, rather than tell the car maker to make changes according to your requirements. If you are still saying i want what I want, then best option is Lamborghini style, which will cost you money and time, where this is not feasible for small companies. As far as I am concern Manager is a wonderful software for small businesses to run, if they adopt to it.

The option of maintaining 2 inventory item records for one item works but involves additional work, and users can easily make mistakes when selecting items. The conversion is also not simple especially where boxes contain units like 25. We can explore the use of multiple units where each item has buying units and selling with relationships. Many applications have this feature so you can explore