Multiple Unit types under inventory items

I am facing some issue in inventory “UNIT”
Manager have only one “UNIT”. But a good system should have 2 unit for one inventory item.

Purchase unit - (Unit conversion) - Sale Unit

Normally I am buying some product in Carton basis and selling in Pieces.

Manager doesn’t have that function at the moment. You cannot have a box or carton representation for an inventory.
But you can however use the inventory Kits function.
For example if I sell 24 pieces Pepsi cola as a carton, I can enter 24 for that inventory Item under bill of materials in Inventory Kits creation and call it “Pepsi Cola carton”

The problem with this is that, you can not use inventory kits when you select to use Inventory on Hand. will have to find a way to expand the use of Inventory kits in Journals, Payments and purchases invoice, purchase Orders, etc, or simply anywhere Inventory on hand is invoked. Because Inventory-Sales always shows created Inventory Kits. It will also help organisations who buy componentised items and sell some components separately.

For now you will have to enter the number of units representing a carton on the invoices.

I don’t think I will ever implement multiple units for inventory items as inventory kits solve this problem and in more flexible way. I didn’t really understand what was the issue you had with inventory units.

In your example, if you buy cartons and sell bottles, then carton will be unit for inventory item and bottle will be unit for inventory kit. Inventory kit would be then defined as one bottle being 0.05 carton (assuming one carton contains 20 bottles)

Dear All,
Thanks for your reply,

I am trading chemicals like IPA , Perchloroethylene etc. Chemicals traders selling in big barrel but they measuring in Kg. eg IPA 160kg. Perchloroethylene 330kg & 300kg etc.

My customers are totally different industry and selling in Ltr. So i am using unit in manager is Ltr. When I am sending PO to my supplier are getting confused because all chemicals are different weight.

So now I am using separate excel sheet for PO.

@lubos How about enabling the use of Inventory Kits when the user selects Inventory on hand account ?

Why not doing it the way I have proposed?

Create inventory items in Kg (as they are purchased) and inventory kits will be in Ltr.

How can create inventory Kit ?

Click on Settings tab and select Inventory Kits

There is no option to type UNIT name.
only “Qty” comes in invoice as unit

I think it a very good thing to mention.

Must Inventory Kits have a unit like Ps, ltrs, Kg etc? I think it should be added.

Hi, My problem is different. I sell items which needs to track 2 types of unit. One is “unit in Kg” and 2nd is “unit in pcs”. So please tell me how I can track both unit automatically. Can Inventory kit solve my problem?

@ahmedansar, @Abeiku good point. Unit name field added to inventory kits in the latest version (16.4.89)

@Gulzar Use inventory Kits, you have access to a Bill Of Material, where you can line up the various inventory and their amount for your items you have to sell (Inventory-Sales)