Unit of Measure

How to update my inventory if I have inventory in 1 Box and 1 Box contain 24 packs and each pack contain 24 pieces.

You should record the inventory based on how you sell the inventory.
Do you sell by Box, Pack or Pieces.

If you sell by all three, then record the initial inventory purchase as Box.
Then to get the Inventory to Pack or Pieces, use Production Orders to convert a Box to Pack / Pieces or Pack to Pieces.

If you only sell only Pack & Pieces, then record the initial inventory as Pack and then use Production Orders to convert to Pieces

I record the inventory as Box. Now I want to sell 1 Box and 4 Packs of same item like Lays now what should I do that Sale Order row contain option of Box , Packs and Pieces ?

Use production orders and just create what you need to break it up as and put it back in inventory to sell.

I added all three items in Production order and now I am selling from Sale invoice and Recieve money in Sale but it money does not add in Sale but it add in Accounts receivable.

Ok sorry so I was not clear. 1st create a new inventory item with new sale price etc. for what you going to sell it as. then do the production order and break the box into smaller boxes you want to sell at that price. I’ll add screen print soon.

Now main Issue is that I recieve money in my Sale but money always go to Accounts recievable.

Create Boxes of eggs 6 in a box. I purchase 6 Boxes of 6 eggs in a box. Also created the inventory item if I want to sell a single egg.

Now i go to Production Orders.

If I go back to my stock I can now sell a single egg.

Now you can invoice the single item of 6 eggs produced from a box of 6 Eggs that was previously in inventory.

Set the account of where the money needs to be allocated to under the inventory item.

Thank you so much now many things are clear to me. God Bless you