Inventory Items Box of?

i have a problem with qty in box
how can i
if i by a box and sales by pic

If you buy by the box - do you sell by both the box and the piece ?

If yes then you create two Inventory items, one for the box and one for the piece, then you use Production Orders to convert from Inventory Box into Inventory Piece.

If you only sell by the piece, then enter the purchases as pieces - if box contains 12, enter a 12.

i seal both
but it how can in use the item barcode
i want to use in pharmacy

If the box and the piece have the exact same barcode, then you to do it all by pieces.
So if you sell a box - you sell 12 pieces

is not good solution for example
i have 1 item by price ic 40$ Box of 30
price for pic is 1.33333333…

I forgot to ask, how does the barcode cause an issue, how is it being used.

So one piece = 1.33 and 30 piece (box) 39.90

you can add to the code field
yes this is a problem box is 40$

and i can not make correct Purchase Invoices
if i am going to pic

Then put “-B” or “-P” on the end of the code to identify the different Inventory Items,

OK thank you for your guidance