"Uninvoiced" or "Qty to invoice"

Hello! Cloud user here!

With all the recent changes there is something I noticed today.

Previously if we issued a delivery note without an invoice those items would show up in “Quantity to invoice” or “uninvoiced”. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I looked through the guides and I assume I’m blind. I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.

Edit: In “Sales Orders” I can see the status for each individual sales order, but before you just had to go on “QTY to deliver” all the items that were not invoiced would show up and you could create an invoice from there. It made it easy for customers who receive 1 monthly invoice for all their orders.

Thank you in advance!

@lubos Is the “Uninvoiced” column under customers working? I can’t get anything to show up there. If I Issue an invoice with a delivery note it will show up in “Qty to deliver”. If I do a sales order or a delivery note without an invoice it doesn’t show up in “uninvoiced”.

Not sure if this is intended or work in progress.

Thank you in advance.

This column is for Uninvoiced Billable time not for Un-invoiced deliveries. Previously Uninvoiced deliveries were shown as “Negative Qty to deliver”.

Thank you for that information.

It doesn’t show up as negative. Perhaps I’m missing something.

If I issue a delivery note, it still doesn’t show up as “Qty to deliver” it will remain at 0, it does not go negative.

That was the case with previous implementation where Inventory tracking was based on invoices and delivery/goods receipts. New implementation is to track using Sales/Purchase orders.

I understand that part. So how do I see what has been delivered and not yet invoiced per customer not per sales order?

I can’t make “Qty to deliver” negative as you suggested which would help us make an invoice for all orders delivered that month.

If I issue a delivery note to the customer nothing happens with “Qty to deliver”.
If I issue a sales order without a delivery note “Qty to deliver” goes up (makes sense).

The delivery note only affects “Qty to deliver” when linked to a sales order.

Again perhaps I’m missing something, but the previous system was great for being able to very quickly create an invoice for everything that has been delivered. Now it seems like you would have to go through the sales orders 1 by 1 at the end of the month.

If you are using Sales Order then use the columns “Delivery Status” and “Invoice Status”. Theyll help you track whats delivered and whats invoiced.

There are also new columns added to the inventory tab “Qty to invoice” and “Qty to be Invoiced” but they are also based on Orders.
If you are not using Sales Order tab and directly creating Delivery notes and Invoices then on delivery tab enable invoice number column so delivery notes without invoice number would mean they are not linked but this way you have to manually link each delivery note to its invoice.

So the best way is if you want to track inventory start using Sales Order for each Sales transaction. Then you dont need to track invoices for each delivery note. You can track the invoice status from Order tab. This is how it is working right now.
Just creating Sales Invoice without linking to Sales order means the goods are invoiced and delivered at same time so no need to create a delivery note for Invoices which are not linked to Sales Order.

Thank you very much for the explanation.

If I got it right it still means I’m missing a way to easily see “Qty to invoice” per customer. “Qty to deliver” per customer is easy and clear.

Via ‘inventory items’ I can check “qty to invoice” per item.

We are using sales orders, but if we have a customer where we make 5 deliveries in a month and we would like to generate an invoice at the end of the month, we would then have to put it together manually using the 5 sales orders that were created with the delivery notes.

It feels a little clunky.

Yes, that’s one of the limitation of the current implementation you can have multiple invoices and deliveries linked to one Sales order but you can not have one sales invoice linked to multiple orders.
Maybe if @lubos implement optional Automatic allocation of invoice to orders mean when invoice is created it will be allocated to the oldest Sales order then remaining amount to the order after that and so on (just like Receipt allocation to invoices) so this way if your customer place multiple Order during month and you issue one Invoice at the end of the month then all orders will be shown as invoiced when one invoice is issued at the end of the month equal to the amount of all orders placed.

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I agree. I don’t want to force people use sales orders if they don’t want to.

In the latest version, you can see Qty to deliver column that is calculated out of delivery notes and sales invoices (no need for sales orders).

In your case, Qty to deliver will be negative since you are making deliveries before invoicing.

I still need to add this column to Customers tab so you can see Qty to deliver for all inventory items for specific customer. Then you should be able to copy the figures to new sales invoice to clear Qty to deliver.

So yeah, the previous implementation was not good. The new implementation I think is handling everything I could think of.