Undo facility

every thing is fine about this software but very very important. i think there is not any undo facility in this software…if by mistake any entry would be deleted ,how could we get to know what it was actully

Try clicking the Back button repeatedly if you haven’t left the session. I’ve never actually counted, but it can take you back a long ways, possibly all the way to the launch screen if you keep clicking. Hopefully, you can see the screen you accidentally deleted so you can recover the information. Then re-enter the transaction. Be careful you don’t go too far, though, because you can’t go forward and back like you might with a standard web browser.

thanku very much for information…one thiing more is that in journal entry there is no option of quantity, price ,inventory name etc. but it has ( that is very important ) debit credit ,because customer maximum not giving full amount of transaction ( means it become a debtor ) . but in other coloumn like sales quotes ,sales order etc.every thing is there.but they does not have debit credit…so it is not as per requirement which it suppose to be…

i want a complete page where date, item name, item quantity, total amount and credit (how much customer giving ) and remaing amount automatic generate, and it goes in debtors account…thats the complete page