Feature suggestion Recent Transactions Tab and Navigation address

Hello sir, is there a way you can create a tab called ‘Recent Transactions’ where 20 most recent transactions in anywhere in Manager will be displayed?
It always difficult to click the back button or backspace to travel back to where we were, is it possible to enable a clickable address bar that users can use to easily go back to where they left? You know like how windows folder browsing is. I have a picture to make my point clear…

so if i want to go back to ICAGH page, I can just click there and return.
You may make this optional in settings for users who may like…

I hope you understand…

What you may find useful is to bookmark the various pages you need to switch between. Place these bookmarks on your browser’s tool / menu bar. For example Bank Accounts, Sales invoices and Reports. Now once you are logged to Manager the Browser can quickly load those pages as you would click on the tabs saved in the browser toolbar. No back button needed. Essentially you use your browsers capability for this function. I am not certain if this would be the case for the Desktop version but I am confident it will be functional for the Server and Cloud editions.

Won’t work on the desktop version

OK so there may be a case for some customizable “Hot Links” in Manager. Say positioned at the top of the screen or somewhere conveniently accessed by users. I generally find the back button OK but not so efficient when say switching from Bank Accounts to Reports and then Invoicing then back to Bank Accounts. You need to hit “Back” button too many times or jump from top to bottom of the menu tree. It is just easier in my case using the bookmarks in the browser.

This is called “breadcrumbs” I was trying to implement it once but it didn’t look that great.

I have a few ideas I will experiment with in upcoming months.

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