Spend, receiving and transfer on same page as opposed to different page

In our office we are constantly entering transaction nearly 500 per day and having to change tabs makes it hard to enter transaction each time they come and go. so i thought if all the transaction could be on the same page and we can enter as it comes for the entire day.

As far as I know, when you click “Bank Accounts” tab and open particular bank account, from that page you can enter any transaction without switching tabs. Perhaps I misunderstood what you mean?

I meant to say that our daily transaction except bank transfer are so frequent that it would be nice if i could enter an entire days transaction in a single window. currently have to switch in between entry.

I see, you need some kind of bulk bank/cash coding facility. I’ve just created this as new plugin idea, see http://manager.uservoice.com/forums/202564-plugin-ideas/suggestions/4677911-plugin-bulk-entry-coding

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Thank you…this will be of great help.