Under/Over payments no longer identified

In previous versions of the Desktop software, if a payment made on a Purchase Invoice was higher or lower than the actual invoice amount, it would show up as Under or Over Paid at the top of the Receipts/Payment tab. Two days ago (at the time using .13 software I changed a Purchase Invoice amount to match what a vendor had actually charged to my charge card but it didn’t automatically show up as underpaid in the Payments/Receipts section. Thinking perhaps it was a bug, I installed the .54 version of the software. It didn’t change and I had other things to do. Yesterday I installed the .59 version of the software - no change. Today I tried the .61 version and it still does not show the offage. When I go to the Suppliers account and look at the transactions, It does show I’m off but gives no specific idea where that might be.

Is this a bug or has the feature to notify when payments don’t match been removed permanently from the software?

When you say versions .13, .59 I assume you are talking about versions 21.3.13, 21.3.59

The purchase invoices never show up like that in the Receipts & Payments tab

Are you talking about the Purchase Invoices tab?

Here is a copy of the Receipts & Payments list from version 21.3.10

and from the Purchase Invoices tab

Yes, you have the version correct. Previously fi the payment and purchase invoice didn’t match, the item showed up with a Grey box and the words ‘under’ or ‘over’ in it. The invoice came to the top of the list - like they do now if they are unpaid. I swear it showed up like that in Payments/Receipts but I could be wrong. At this point they don’t show up as paid ‘incorrectly’ in either place.

These are invoices that were paid directly/individually, not a case where the payment was made using the ‘Accounts Payable’ option which I know simply applies payments oldest to newest and may not actually clear invoices entirely.

This shows up in the Purchase Invoice tab - where I have one invoice overpaid and one invoice part paid

Hard to see how a purchase invoice appeared in the Receipts & Payments tab - this only ever listed payments and receipts

I’m not seeing it in the Invoices tab - nothing is colored one way or another. That was my problem. If you’re using the current version (.61) on the Desktop version in Windows (Feb. updates, not March) then perhaps something else is going wrong on my system.

I am using the 21.3.61 version

When you say Invoices - there is no tab called Invoices in Manager.

Using the exact terminology helps to avoid misunderstandings

There two tabs - Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices

Purchase Invoices. I used that term earlier and guess I just expected it would run through the thread - Sorry!!

If you want any further help, please post screen images of what you think is not working

As far as I am concerned, everything is working correctly at the moment

This has never been true. Partially paid sales or purchase invoices show either “Due in xxx days” or “XXX days overdue,” depending on the circumstances. The so-called underpaid status would only be shown as a difference between the invoice total and balance due. It has been like that for years. Only overpaid invoices show “Overpaid” in a gray box.

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I believe this may be relevant to the question

I appreciate the help and perhaps this whole thread needs to be pulled from the forum. The vendor started changing how they billed - I was given a bill at the time of purchase and then the bill can (and often now is) changed when it is actually charged to me. (This is a shipping company so they add charges sometimes after the fact). They also have started combining invoices for payment which wasn’t happening before. AND - the auto-charge a credit card for all this.

So - early on I was paying one invoice at a time and when I needed to change the amount was showing as over or under in the Purchase Invoice Section. Now I’m paying for several at a time and that has caused the problem. The Supplier may have an over/under but the specific invoices do not since they aren’t specifically tied to a payment.

So a vendor issue and user not adjusting quickly enough to what was happening caused the problem. Sorry for inconveniencing those who read this and I do appreciate the answers/help.