Bank Import - multiple line transactions not listing under uncategorised

Hi all,
I think I’m experiencing a manifestation of the issue that @chris.chai has raised. Something about the way Manager is displaying uncategorised transactions has changed. My issue is this:

I download CSV file of transactions from PayPal. When I import the file into Manager, at the “Import” screen it says:
No of transactions in the file: 17 transactions
No of transactions to import: 17 transactions
I click “Import” and am taken to the list of Uncategorised Transactions, but there are only 8 transactions listed.
The missing transactions have been imported into manager, but are not available in the Uncategorised Transaction list. This makes it impossible to apply bank rules to those transactions. I have to access them via the Receipts and Payments tab and then either manually edit each one, or use Find and Recode to update. This didn’t use to be a problem.

This occurs using the cloud version today. I also have Desktop version 20.8.94 and trialled importing the csv file using that. All the transactions appeared in the Uncategorised Transactions list and I could apply bank rules.

Looking closely, the transactions that don’t appear on the Uncategorised Transaction list (in the cloud version), are transactions that are split. The PayPal CSV has a “Gross” column and a “Fee” column, which Manager successfully imports as two elements of a split transaction.

Happy to post screenshots and CSV file if helpful.

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Here is the Uncategorised Transaction list from Manager version 20.8.94 after import:

In the latest cloud version, the “Gross amount | Express Checkout Payment” and “Fee | Express Checkout Payment” transactions do not appear in the uncategorised transaction list.

Could you make a test file and show the imported number (e.g. the 17) as opposed to uncategorized number (e.g. the 8).

Could you also show the untouched edit screen for one of the transaction that didn’t make it to uncategorized list.

Thanks for your interest @Ealfardan

Screenshots below:


This receipt isn’t really “untouched” since it already has two lines. I can only guess that you manually edited the transaction, which is probably what happened.

I guess the word “categorized” is misleading user to think that switched from other software into thinking that the job is done. In fact the guide are kind of misleading as well.

Personally, I think this is a reasonable compromise to make compared to limiting bank imports to a single line. The downside is when you have created two or more suspense lines it’s out of the uncategorized and you will have to pick up from suspense account. In fact being able to do that looks more like a feature to me.

@whosat just to confirm my guess, was the uncategorized count different from 17 before you edited any of the transactions?

Also, what were the changes to those 9 transactions?

Do they all involve a second line?

It is untouched by me. I did not edit any of the transactions before taking those screenshots.

Manager imports the CSV as two lines in a split transaction. As I said before, “The PayPal CSV has a “Gross” column and a “Fee” column, which Manager successfully imports as two elements of a split transaction.”

I think it’s fantastic that Manager can identify the two components of the transaction and create the split transaction. I’m disappointed I can no longer apply bank rules to the those lines as it was able to do until very recently.

Here’s a screenshot of the relevant section of the CSV file.

In my old Desktop version of Manager (v 20.8.94), I’m actually presented with 26 uncategorised transactions after import. That’s the 8 single line transactions and two lines for each of the 9 split transactions. As described above, Manager would display the split transactions in the Uncategorised Transactions list denoted by "Gross amount | Express Checkout Payment” and “Fee | Express Checkout Payment”. This was excellent as I could apply a bank rule to those descriptions.

That doesn’t sound right, maybe @lubos could take a look at this.

@whosat, I am going to transfer your posts to a new topic and then list it as a bug

Thank you

@whosat The issue here is that bank rules are soon going to become more powerful by having ability to split transactions. This has been already implemented, just isn’t exposed in the user interface yet.

But paypal transactions are already split and I need to find some elegant way to handle this. We know that on imported line items, first line is gross amount and the second line is fee so it could be as simple as creating multiline bank rule to put first line to some income account, the second line to expense account and not to touch amounts.

Thanks @lubos. I trust that you will figure it out.

But didn’t those split transaction presentations previously exist, but now removed based upon:

So I guess the question is, what caused this previously perfectly working feature to change ?

Unfortunately I do not have a solution how to incorporate payment & receipt rules for imported multi-line transactions.

However, you can use Find & recode to categorize these transactions in batch. For example, searching for Suspense Fee will find all your uncategorized line items posted to suspense account with description Fee.

I know this is not ideal and it would be good to have everything driven by payment / receipt rules but until I have solution, I recommend Find & recode for this subset of transactions.

Ahhh. Too bad that this currently cannot be resolved. I was using the exact same functionality for my Paypal imports as @whosat described. Just like everything else in this application, this feature worked brilliantly easy for my purpose. I do have a workaround through Excel, it’s not ideal but at least I do not have to do a lot of manual steps. I think the question that @Brucanna asked before still stands: What caused this previously working feature to stop working?

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@lubos I was just wondering if there is a solution to this problem yet? I’m having to use the recode option to handle the missing uncategorised transactions.

Thank you.

If a solution is implemented, it will be announced in this topic, and the topic will be removed from the ideas category.

Ok, thanks.