Unable to modify starting balance of purchase or sales invoices


The starting balance line of a purchase invoice does not have any edit button to actually adjust it to what it was owed to that supplier at the beginning of the year in connection to that purchase invoice (we are migrating from QB to Manager).

When I got to the “Starting Balances” section and click on the “unpaid invoices” link for that supplier I get two transactions, the purchase invoice I created with last year’s date and another transaction with January 1st 2020 date and the same invoice number, but when I click on the “edit” button for this, it opens up a “Sales Invoice”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There is no “starting balance line” on purchase invoices themselves. If you are migrating from your previous accounting system, only enter purchase orders prior to your start date with Manager in order to set a balance owed for that supplier in Accounts payable. See Set starting balances for suppliers | Manager. If a purchase invoice was partially paid, you should follow instructions in the last section of that Guide, Adjusting the purchase invoice.

However, something is wrong. The starting balance entry is not appearing as described in the Guide. It does appear when drilling down in the Suppliers tab through the Accounts payable balance. But you cannot edit it. And the transaction does, indeed, show up under sales invoices.

I will put this into the bugs category. Similar problems are occurring with customers and sales invoices.

The latest version (20.5.56) has Starting balance field directly on invoice if Issue date is set earlier than Start date.

The current implementation is a bit confusing because it’s not really Starting balance. It’s more like Partially paid total as at start date. I will find some good way to present it on the form later today but for now at least the amount can be entered.

In the latest version (20.5.57), if you are entering starting balance invoices which are partially paid, there is now Partial payment checkbox directly on the invoice.


hi Lubs
im running 20.5.67 Partial payment checkbox can’t be found

you will find it if you are editing the invoice from the Starting Balances option under Settings.
the option is not available in Sales Invoices or Purchase Invoices tabs.

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Thank you very much Tut!

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