Unable to launch Manager

Sir I have updated to new version today (07-05.2020) to new version 20.5.17. After that i am getting the message

“System.missingmethod exception” and manager is not loaded. please guide me to resolve this issue.

Thanking you sir

Gayatri dambal

Install .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher from Download .NET Framework | Free official downloads

Sir thank you very much for your guidance. Now Manager is opening after installation of .Net 4.8. But when I see in the windows features it is still showing 4.5 advanced. Whether any further action is required sir?

Thanking you
Gayatri Dambal

no further action from the user is required if the .NET installation completed successfully.

Can the Windows Download installer check that a compatible version of the .NET framwork is installed when it is launched and, if not, issue a message and not install?

Or at least, issue a warning on the download page.

I have a vague memory that this use to happen or maybe that was for a different piece of software.