Unable to Install Caddy on Ubuntu 18.04

I’ve succesfully installed Manager on my Ubuntu18.04 server and manager is opening via live IP.

But when I try to install Caddy and run this comman then this error heppen.

curl https://getcaddy.com | bash -s personal


LOL, their certificate is bust or their site is just down, either way getcaddy.com is returning invalid data, and it’s not just for you.

note: down for more than a week

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 4.47.49 am

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go here:

and follow the instructions. The first line will add the caddy repo, then update, then install.

Then you have your install instructions and configuration:

I personally found this interesting so I have been digging:

you’re not the only one reporting this:

knowing caddy’s history I went to github, the file is located on github. I loaded it and reviewed it and it is indeed old and should not be used and has reached EOL.

I didn’t realise, but getcaddy.com has been obsoleted and may be re-written for v2 at a later date, but that is a work in progress and might take some time. In the meantime, do as above.

Good luck and report back what you did and how you went, this would help others in future.

@lubos it appears the guides might need updating to cater for caddy v2. I’m not sure how relevant the configuration of v1 caddy compares to v2 and I no longer use it anyway so I can’t offer any more info…

but I still can’t sleep so some more good reading can be found at:

v2 fixes a lot of bugs that just couldn’t be fixed and a complete re-write was in order, unfortunately, the config file is not compatible, upgrading v1 files to v2:

caddy v2 looks interesting

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Lubos is already aware

Thanks for your time. Actually I didn’t too much familiar with caddy so I installed Apache, then install let’s encrypt ssl and add proxy to localhost:8080.

It’s works for me. :innocent:

ahhh that’s the problem with this type of forum format, unless you use the right search terms you don’t find what you want.

@Hamza_Rauf glad you got it sorted

I just updated the guides.


It turns out Caddy 2 is easier to setup. No more configuration files. Just launch caddy with the following command:

caddy reverse-proxy --from example.com --to

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@lubos thank you for taking care. As the Certbot / Apache route was a good resulution in between and works, I will stick with that but good to see that the instructions are now updated for those needing it.

That is funny, I still have a half dozen or more tabs open here on caddy2, and I had intended to look at it, but I have been way too busy with other stuff.

Also, it was something I didn’t need as I don’t have manager exposed externally.

But it’s great to see that it’s easier than before!

Thanks @lubos for your efforts!!