Unable to allocate to Tax payable account in Bank Rules

Tax payable account is renamed to “GST payable”. Doesn’t show up on drop down list of available accounts in Bank Rules module. Any reason for this or is it a bug (I hope)

What tab are you referring to, @esenicki? There is no tab named “Bank Rules.” Nor are there any customizable settings under that name. You mentioned having renamed the Tax payable account as GST payable, which suggests you are referring to your Chart of Accounts. Whatever you rename that account, it will be viewable in the Summary. Click on the blue account balance to see details.

I hope that helps.

Please ignore my last comment. I just discovered that bank rules were added in an update yesterday. :blush:

Bank rules is very basic at the moment and cannot interact with control accounts yet. I’m planning to keep extending support for all accounts in upcoming days and weeks so you will be able to do a lot more.