UK VAT form no value in boxes 8 and 9

The VAT Calculation Worksheet does not have any values in boxes 8 and 9 even though I have purchase and sales invoices from EU member states. Why is this happening? Should I be identifying an EU member country and if so how?

If memory serves me correctly, I gave the developer the format for UK VAT returns, but we never got as far as enabling the boxes for 8 and 9 because I don’t use it and most likely most companies using Manager don’t use it. So this probably needs to be updated.

However, the developer can advise you on this one.

Thank you dalacor. It would be useful to have the VAT form fully completed by the software using a country field or a field defining the customer and supplier as an EU country.

This is something that the developer @lubos would have to help you with as the programming was a bit beyond me.

There is no in-built tax code for UK to track sales or purchases to/from EU member country.

Maybe we could add new tax code called VAT 0% (EU) which could track both and then put the figures to 8/9 fields.

Would this complete the implementation?

@lubos as I don’t sell or buy from the EU, its never been an issue. But what you say sounds correct.

That would certainly help @lubos. It’s a shame that the UK VAT form goes so far but not quite finishes. Is there much involved in implementing this?

I would just like to say (and I appreciate that I am being rather selfish in saying this), that this would be very very useful to me if this were to be added/implemented, as I am currently effectively having to keep manual records of any EU transactions and then producing my own mashed-up (and if I am honest, rather scruffy looking) reports prior to making my quarterly returns.

OK, check the latest version (17.1.92). You will find new in-built tax code VAT 0% (EU) which you can use on sales and purchases. This will put the right figures into boxes 8 and 9 on VAT return.

Thanks lubos. That’s just what I wanted. Great to find this very flexible piece of software and also a responsive forum and development team. Thanks once again.

I would just like to add my vote of thanks. This will save me a ton of work - Many, many thanks

Unfortunately the the VAT form for the UK is still not correct. The calculation worksheet is correctly showing values for boxes 1, 2 3 4 5 8 and 9 but the value in box 6 should also include the value of box 8, (sum of boxes 6 and 8) and the value in box 7 should include the value in box 9 (sum of boxes 7 and 9)

This is so that it catches the values of total sales and total purchases net of VAT.

The points I made above about the value of total sales should also include the value to other EC Member States and that the total purchases should include the value of acquisitions from other EC States does not appear to have been addressed.
It would be great if this could be done especially after the fast response to my first request regarding the UK VAT form.
Once again I find the software easy and flexible to use. Thanks to all concerned.

@mpb, could you check the latest version 17.4.75? Should be fixed now.

Thanks lubos. That’s just what I wanted.