VAT return (NL) calculation error

This could be added to the previous topic, but this one grew very long…

In any case, the VAT return (NL) has 2 columns. The left is the amounts over which taxes should be raised. The right column is the tax itself. Now in Manager the left column depicts the value including tax. This IMO is wrong. It should have the values without tax.

Also the fields in 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b keep on being empty for me, but this is by design?

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The report as originally implemented is going to be replaced by new implementation contributed by community. I can’t really do these country-specific reports as it takes too long for me to research them (not to mention I get it wrong anyway).

So wait until the end of this year. Then it’s better to comment on new implementation and possibly contribute improvements if necessary.

Where will be commenting on new implementation. I will give you feedback for the UK as you are missing one field in the UK VAT return.

I am also pretty interested in this. The current “VAT Return (NL)” does not seem to make sense, as values do not compute with the stuff I see if I look at all the VAT Transactions. But as I understood there will be an update coming around the end of 2015 that will update this overview?

Is there any way I can see how the values in the “VAT return (NL)” report are calculated? If I do this manually based on the transactions I end up with different numbers…


Firstly everyone a happy and especially healthy in 2016.

There is already clear when an update occurs, the VAT return in the Netherlands?

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Could someone please update the ‘VAT Return (NL)’ report sheet as it is still not correct?

Lubos is reworking the VAT schemes and the way VAT is dealt with in Manager. The current dutch VAT return is not correct. It is not likely that this will be solved before the end of March, so you would have to manually correct the values before you can do your tax report.

Maybe @lubos can give a timeline when the updated VAT will be available.