UIF calculation

Hi there

Thanks for an awesome site! I just need assistance with the SA - UIF & PAYE calculations - how do I calculate it? It would have been first prize if these were options to select and automatically calculate… Just cannot seem to figure it out…

many thanks!

You need to define what these are. Manager is used in more than 100 countries.

I want to calculate earnings *1% to get the amount that should be deducted from staff member and then amount to be deducted from company and paid over. :see_no_evil:please…

The programmer is developing the facilities to share customization for country specific requirements. To do so the requirements should be referenced to your governments documentation of their requirements to ensure customisation is applicable for most users in your country. In contrast program customisation for an individual users requirements would be done by you employing a programmer to do the customisation and maintaining it. See Taxable Sales by Customer

However I’m not aware of income tax or other payroll taxation calculation being done for any country (although it has been suggested as a future enhancement).

I believe the sort of specific information required is:

  • What country is this for?
  • What is SA - UIF? (a guess is South African - Unemployment Insurance Fund)
  • I assume PAYE is Pay as you earn tax
  • Can you provide a link to your government calculation requirements for these?

If my guess of your requirements is correct:- with and external calculator then paste the result into the relevant Manger payslips field. If later payslips are identical, the prior payslip can be cloned.

Make sure you read and understand these Guides: