Two dates shown in backup file names

When I do a full backup on Manager (Currently v22.9.1.350) the file name shows up two different dates.
e.g. xxx xxx xxx (2021-06-12) (2022-10-12).man
I’m just a little curious to find out firstly, what is the relevance of the first date and most importantly, if my current data becomes corrupted or if it’s lost, will a backup file give me all transactions going back to square one ?

Whenever you make a backup you can see that Manager adds the date of the backup. You must have imported an earlier back-up or added a date to the business name (oldest date). So when creating a new backup you would see 2 dates. If you import again and then backup it will be 3 dates. You can rename the business (see screenshot) and also rename the backup before saving if you do not want to see dates.

Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 07.19.09