Installation to a different drive on system not allowed

I have Manager installed on a second drive on the system. It is version 17 and want to uptdate it to the current version. It will not allow me to install it or even change drives. It keeps saying F: Drive is invalid. There is no place to even change it to install on my C: Drive.
Any suggestions? Thank you.

It sounds like you are installing on a Windows system. Follow this Guide: The installation process includes selection of an installation folder.

Yes it is a Win10 Pro system, but it is not giving me the choice, it immediately goes to F: dive not available for install which is where the previous version and install were. I was thinking of uninstalling it on the f drive that is a secure drive for my business, bitlocker secure and put it on the c: drive, but hesitate.
Also, how do I take a saved backup and reconfigure the settings on a new install?
Manager is such a great program but some of the settings are not as intuitive as some other programs. Thanks.

As moderator, I can tell you did not visit the link I gave you. No one can help you if you do not follow the suggested instructions.

Are you saying the installation folder selection screen does not appear? If not, this is likely related to the final note in the linked Guide. In this case, you will need to first change the location of your application data folder. See You should change the location back to the default location on your C drive. This second Guide shows an example for the default location, but you will need to substitute your own user name for the example name in the Guide, where the user name is simply user. After you have changed the location, try installation of the new program version.

Read this Guide: When you import or restore a business, all settings from the Settings tab come with it.

I will give you a warning. Normally, when a new version is installed, Manager makes any necessary changes to business data file structures to accommodate new features that have been added since the old version. But your version is so old, this may not be possible. You might encounter a problem opening a business after it has been imported to the new location. In that case, post a message here showing screen shots of any error messages you see. The solution will be to send your backup file to @lubos for reconfiguration.