Trying to change the default theme


I’ve been looking through this forum and the documentation, and there is a lot of talk about trying to set default themes across many different threads. It seems that in some versions it was possible, then it was removed, re-added, removed again, etc.

Basically, I’m confused as to where it stands. Is this something we can do yet? I’m using the Server Edition and themes are working, I’ve installed one from the website already, but every time I make a new invoice, I have to switch the theme. I just want to either change the built-in theme or set a default custom theme for all new invoices.

What should I do? Thank you!

That is how themes work. When you return to the invoice, Manager will remember your choice.

Go to this topic and like one of the posts asking for a way to set a default theme. The more likes, the greater the chance that the developer will take notice.

Thanks @dcVest, 1 like applied.

Currently there is no way to change the default. The default will always be the in-built theme for new invoices.

As @dcVest mentioned however, Manager will remember if you change the theme on one of the invoices. When you return to that same invoice, it will return to the theme you selected.

So if you want to use your custom-built theme for everything, you are going to have to manually select that theme once for every time you create a new invoice/quote. That is how it stands right now.

I’m in that situation and also hoping for the ability to set a custom default.

Here’s my reply to the thread dcVest linked, for added context: