Translation issue NL

In invoice: the payment condition dropdown for days / month says: “door” and “Netto”.
It maks no sense :slight_smile: Door should be: “Dagen” (days). Netto should be “Datum” (date) or “Op” (on)

The best way to fix this would be join translation team at

I joined. I noticed it’s not a translation error. In english it says: Due date:
By xxx days
Net xx-xx-xxxx date

Due date in xxx days
Due date on xxxxxxxx

After that we can translate

Sorry, not sure I follow. Is there anything I need to do or can this issue be handled without making any changes in English.

The dropdownbox in invoice-edit should have different keys for instead of “by” and “Net”.
For example: “in” or “after” (for days) and “on” for the specific date

English terms are OK. But are you saying they are not translatable into Dutch?

Uhm, “Netto” is correct imho. As in “30 dagen netto”.
And I agree that “Door” is incorrect, better would be “Voor”, as in “betaling voor xx-xx-xxxx datum”.