Journal Entries tab label not translated in v21.2.4

In de version 21.2 4 I found a mistake. In the Dutch translation the term “JOURNAL ENTRIES” has not been translated into the Dutch term “Memoraalboekingen”.

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The term has, in fact been translated. However, your spelling is different.

@lubos this is indeed a mistake although the correct naming is Memoriaalboekingen (with an i):

v21.2.4 (from a test business created in Dutch):


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Thank you, @Mark. This illustrates the importance of complete problem descriptions and good screen shots. Ironically, that very subject was covered in the February newsletter just published.

To repeat my earlier statement, the term has been correctly translated, as shown in the table: English to Dutch Translation | Manager.

@Mark’s clarification converts this from an issue for the translation team to a bug. I have moved this topic to the bugs category and edited the subject.

In my role as member of the Dutch translation team, I checked version 21.2.4 and indeed suddenly what @Mark showed, the translation has disappeared. It also wasn’t in the items to be translated, So @Lubos please put it back in the translation table.

It is in the table. It just is not being called correctly for the display.

Fixed in the latest version.